HD500 & Z500HD Update History

TVonics HD500 Software Update History

Here you can find details of all Software updates made available since the launch of the product in September 2010:

V3.0.A2227.D369.F102 (Released:3rd May 2012)

This is the first release of our Text to Speech function (TTS), which has been developed in conjunction with the RNIB. As well as the features and fixes of the previous version, this new software version includes fixes for the following issues.

  • Added Text to Speech
  • Speeded up creation of bookings
  • General improvements to speed, stability and reliability
  • Improve conflict resolution user interface
  • Where possible, record the event at the requested time rather than the first occurrence
  • Added check for situation where a full disk could prevent a USB upgrade
V2.0.A2058.D358.F101 (Released:3rd February 2012)

This is the first experimental release of our media player. This new software version includes fixes for the following issues, plus the addition of a media player. The media player can play music or videos (in compatible formats) from a USB stick and can be accessed via the “USB” button.

  • Experimental Player Support
    • music file formats: wav, flac, ogg, ac3, aac, eac3, m4a
      video file formats: mpg, mpeg, mp1, mp2, mp4, ts, ps, mov, mkv, avi, flv, m4v
      This new software version includes the following fixes and new features:
  • Added high contrast colour scheme to improve user interface clarity for users with reduced sight
  • Added channel name and number to the library and timer ‘info’ screens
  • Improved the operation of trailer booking icon display
  • Broadened the verification procedure for the internet connection
  • Improved reliability of the tuning scan process
V1.2.A1868.D330.F100 (Released: 26th August 2011)
  • Add support for BBC iPlayer on digital text (Red button)
  • Add support for WiFi USB dongle (Available to purchase through TVonics website)
  • Add support for internet software upgrade
  • Improve handling of moved programmes displayed on the guide
  • Remove reported problems of recordings stopped prematurely due to incorrect broadcast info
  • Improve access time for library
  • Prevent display of red/green icon during playback
  • Prevent multiple ‘skip’ being mistaken for skip key held down (skip to end)
  • Improve initial connection and setup of internet
V1.2.A1803.D326.F100 (Released: 15th July 2011)
  • Cure a compatibility issue between software versions that meant some old recorded files stopped playback after 30minutes
  • Make the ‘Instant record’ dialog a bit smaller
  • Add cross fading to the picture viewer
  • Fix a minor issue of 4:3 format lost when playing back 4:3 file while tuned to an HD Channel
V1.2.A1742.D320.F100 (Released: 13th June 2011)
  • Display the highlighted programme name in full on the guide

  • Display the recorded channel and programme name on display of the recording started icon
  • Improve operation of4:3 letterbox display on playback from library
  • Improve the operation of the icon displayed when a programme is simulcast in HD
  • Improve the way the EPG search manages the hidden channels
  • Improved performance of SPDIF output if Dolby not supported by the HDMI device
  • Improve deletion of expired timers
V1.2.A1591.D290.F100 (Released: 28th March 2011)
  • Added multiple delete function (see below for more details)
  • Added Genre ‘search’ to EPG and Library (see below for more details)
  • Added Dolby icons to the banner
  • Change to ensure library focus stays on the selected file even if a recording starts
  • Playback continues if user action causes playback to reach end of file in chase playback
  • General improvements in reliability and performance
V1.2.A1550.D280.F100 (Released: 7th March 2011)
  • Added ‘search’ to EPG and Library
  • Fix to maintain audio levels when switching from HD to SD
  • Speed-up initial loading of library
  • Fix for slow launch of MHEG
  • Provide an option to select SCART scaling as SCART and HDMI scaling differ
  • General improvements in reliability and performance
V1.2.A1456.D247.F99 (Released: 16th December 2010)
  • Improved recording for spilt events
  • Improved picture viewer for high resolution images
  • Fix to prevent from panel occasionally left character
  • Fix to remove single pixel occasionally left displayed by picture viewer
  • Remove display of front panel radio symbol in standby and HDMI loop-through
  • Prevent record start ever stopping playback
  • General improvements in speed and reliability
  • Added warning message if too large a playback position entered
  • Remove subtitle from encrypted channels
  • Improve SCART WSS signalling
  • Default Dolby DRC setting to OFF
  • Improve subtitle display following trick modes
  • Improve background update of channel list
  • Improve display of trailer booking information
  • Fix for minor problem which rarely caused 3 and 0 minutes recordings
  • Prevent selection PIP when EPG DISPLAYED
  • Permit instant record to record overrunning events
  • Added new colour scheme option (menu>settings>general settings)
V1.2.A1232A.D232.F99 (Released: 11th November 2010)
  • Fix for channel deleting issue
  • Fix for crashing during channel chnage issue
V1.2.A1323.D232.F98 (Released: 27th October 2010)
  • Improvements in PIP operation
  • Improved performance of recording deletion
  • Picture scaling improvements
  • Improved picture viewer performance
  • Improved performance for low signal level conditions
  • Improved front panel behaviour
  • Improved background update of channel list
  • General reliability improvements
  • Multiple minor fixes and improvements
V1.1.A1206.D193.F98 (Released: 7th October 2010)
  • Fix for issue when setting a recording on a channel that has a repeated +1 service. The unit no longer will record both instances
  • Improvements in PIP operation when dealing with HD and encrypted services
  • Trailer bookings screen now displays event name
  • Recalibrate ‘No Signal’ notification which now allows a weak but watchable signal to still be viewed
  • Resolve issue where the unit could display and incorrect date
  • Audio description volume control improved
  • Add a red icon to indicate the current programme is simulcast in HD. Pressing red will switch to the HD source
  • Power on/off issue with front panel display resolved
  • Numerous other stability and performance improvements
  • Please note: Latest software available will contain all past updates.