Pulse Eight to the rescue!

Pulse Eight have extended their forums to include sections covering the TVonics products. ¬†Specifically there’s a section for general TVonics discussion, then support sections for the DTR-Z500HD and the DTR-HD500. ¬†The suggestion is that Pulse Eight won’t be offering support for other (earlier) TVonics models, including the DTR-HV250.¬† On the bright side, though, it’s been hinted that we might see firmware updates for the aforementioned HD models… we’ll wait and see what form that might take.

You can get to the Pulse Eight forums by following the link below:


You can post questions over at the Pulse Eight forums. I’ll be keeping an eye on the forums, and follow up on any subject matters that warrant it with blog posts here.

For us DTR-HV250 owners, it seems that this site will remain the one resource for information for now.

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