Today I learned that the has been taken down, presumably as a consequence of the company calling in the administrators earlier this year.

For those of us who own TVonics set top boxes, the hope of future software updates pretty much disappeard when the company went into administration, but the website still carried some useful materials – user manuals, remote codes, previous software versions and change logs.

The aim of this site is to collate all TVOnics related information in one place.  I have a small amount of information that I downloaded for my own benefit from the site, but I need your help to collate the rest.  Please send me your downloads, and I’ll happily host them here for the convenience of other TVOnics owners.

One thought on “ down!

  1. Hi,

    I have all but the last but one firmware release. unfortinatly tvonics didnt give the file a ref number to make it easy to identify them so I can upload them and name them by the date I downloaded them which was pretty close to the realse date.

    Would love the last but one update :)

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