Upload your tvonics files.

A number of people have offered to share their TVOnics downloads on this site. I will happily host software updates, user manuals and anything else TVOnics related on this site.

You can upload your files using this site’s FTP server. You can access FTP using the following details:

Address: soapdrama.co.uk
Username: soapdramaupload
Password: 50apdrama

You will need an FTP client to upload files. I recommend Filezilla. Once you have uploaded your files, send me a message through the contact form, and I’ll put the files on the download page.

4 thoughts on “Upload your tvonics files.

  1. Am I right in thinking this update for the z500hd is exactly the same as the one for the hd500? I know before TVonic.com went down that they were the same software number so this is probably a silly question but would it work on the hd500?

    • The software update is the same for the DTR-Z500HD as the DTR-HD500 but you have to re-name the file here from DTR-Z500HD.bin to DTR_HD500.bin for it to be detected and work from a usb stick on the HD500 box. Note one file has a “-” and the other an “_”.

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